Horse walk cycle

Today I’ve been working on animating a horse walk cycle. I don’t have much experience animating quadrupeds, so I’m happy to be giving it another go. So far, I see a few things that need to be corrected before I do the final linework:
– adjust back/front shoulder heights to reflect the impact of the feet. Right now, the timing feels a bit off, which makes the horse lack weight
– redraw the underside of the horses belly (too stationary right now)
– add more in between frames

Heart Interior Landscape Painting (in progress)

Heart painting in progress

The title says it all! I’ve been working on an oil painting of a fantasy landscape inspired by the interior anatomy of a human heart. I spent some time in the morgue sticking my iPhone into hearts and getting reference images. The interior walls of the human heart are very cave-like, and the chordae tendineae look like cathedral arches to me.



For the past 1.5 years, I’ve been illustrating a book for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This book is the IPCC Working Group II contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report. I know…it’s a mouthful. In short: every seven years or so, the IPCC assess all the current research on climate change and publishes their findings in a three part book series. I co-illustrated the second/middle book…which got so long that it was eventually split into two volumes.

I co-illustrated this book with Yuka Estrada, who besides being a powerhouse illustrator, was tremendously knowledgeable about the IPCC assessment and publication process. I still need to do an official count, but I’d estimate that we created over 300 illustrations/tables. Plus a few more for the Summary For Policy Makers….and a few more for the Synthesis Report. I also had the fun task of selecting the cover images for the two volumes. David Wilson is the photographer of the mangrove photo, and you can read more about his experience in Tuvalu here.

The brilliant folks who comprise the TSU Working Group II support unit are some of the best content experts I’ve ever worked with. The same goes for the 300+ authors of this book. Now that the book is published, I am creating a Flash animation that explains one of the key graphics from the book. It feels great to be animating again 🙂

If you’d like to look through the book illustrations, you can view them here: click the “graphics” link underneath each chapter name. The graphics are popping up all over the place now, but I am still geeking out that one of my illustrations ended up on the Colbert Report.

Illustration on ColbertAR502

Holiday cards + Update!

Update: Woo, one of my card designs won! Check it out in printed form:


Each year my Carnegie has 2 contests for a holiday card designs. Below are my submissions. Hopefully I win the cash prize – I’ll be able to get much nicer Christmas gifts for my friends and family! 😉 The father/daughter card came out more cartoony than I originally intended, but I’m trying to condition myself to do more creative illustration outside of work.

Department Of Global Ecology card submissionCarnegie card submission

Watch Glen Keane’s new animation!

Glen Keane has animated a ballet dancer and it is stunning! His new animated short “Duet” follows a boy and girl through their lives from infant to adults. I’ve been sketching ballet dancer poses for the past year, and seeing his figure poses makes me realize how much I have to learn. Below are a few screenshots from the animation. Look at his poses!!! I wish I could have shared this animation with my SFSU animation class. One thing we didn’t touch upon in the class (though I wish we did) was how to draw figure poses without becoming a slave to anatomy and proportion. I still feel a lot of uncertainty in my own drawings when it comes to intentionally “breaking the anatomy”. I find my drawings look very wooden and stale unless I put a lot of exaggeration into them. Here is the link to the full animation in HD:

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