Watch Glen Keane’s new animation!

Glen Keane has animated a ballet dancer and it is stunning! His new animated short “Duet” follows a boy and girl through their lives from infant to adults. I’ve been sketching ballet dancer poses for the past year, and seeing his figure poses makes me realize how much I have to learn. Below are a few screenshots from the animation. Look at his poses!!! I wish I could have shared this animation with my SFSU animation class. One thing we didn’t touch upon in the class (though I wish we did) was how to draw figure poses without becoming a slave to anatomy and proportion. I still feel a lot of uncertainty in my own drawings when it comes to intentionally “breaking the anatomy”. I find my drawings look very wooden and stale unless I put a lot of exaggeration into them. Here is the link to the full animation in HD:

1 2 3


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